Sunday, March 18, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 228 - Brets, Random Fantasy and Coaching Inn

Hi All,

I know, it's Sunday, but I was busy with track and Corn Beef eating yesterday.

Important note. This photo was taken on my phone and edited on my phone with Snapseed. Airbornegrove recommended it and so far I like it a lot. I haven't done any of the tutorials, just started playing with it and I did this photo and the silly one of me licking the Warhammer Siege book with it. You can get it on the Play Store for Android and I believe there is an Iphone App as well.

The table is a flurry of activity. I'm tried to ride the manic wave before the ultimate depressive crash hits.

We have here the Bretonnian Knights lead by their Lord, The Ordonnance plus two laborers whom may be added to a baggage train next month, or included this month with no points value. Dahn Alt Rump is there because I was trying to remind myself of the paint scheme to use on those Foundry RT figures that are off table. I have since retconned him. I said he was part of the Anarcho Squad, but now they are Team Terra: Galactic Police! Sung to the tune of the Team America theme song, of course.

I also have a Reaper Blacksmith and an Alternative Armies Halfling Cook in bare metal there. Plus I found old Gunther there with his flesh done and decided to try and get him finished. I proceeded to slop some paint on his flesh, so will see if I can remember how I did it. I think it was a flesh tone with some green mixed in. A half orc recipe if you will.

To the left in back are some Necromunda figures I bought from a guy in Germany. The paint jobs are actually pretty nice, co I may just base them and maybe add a wash. I try not to strip and repaint figures if I like the way they were painted. Those have been few and far between though. I also refuse to repaint the majority of my 1990's painted figures. I think it's important to see where you came from and, if I'm honest, my painting is so slow I can't afford to be repainting models.

I also started tiling the roof to the Coaching Inn. I'm flailing about trying to finish things for Monday, and so may not finish anything. One thing I've noticed on this is that the tiles sit funny on that very first run. I will be adding a thin strip to the edge to give them the same tilt as the rest of the roof.

Any way, that's it for now.

Happy Hobbying.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Return to Caraz-Lumbar

Hi All,

Remember the sample scenario in the back of Warhammer Siege? The Defense of Caraz-Lumbar? I think I only ever cursorily glanced at it as I longed to play out sieges in my Mighty Empires campaign. You know the one that never really went anywhere.

I brought out the book to taunt Airbornegrove over not having a copy and it caught my son's eye. After studying it for awhile he asked to play a siege game. How could I say no? Do I have the necessary parts? Let's see.

Mighty Fortress? Check. Although it needs to be built.

Orcs to attack? Most definitely I have enough to assemble the 34 Orcs, 62 goblins and, I'd need to paint it, one Giant.

Dwarves to defend? Not really. I have some plastic Fantasy Regiments dwarves and a few random figures and cannons, but not the required forces. But I do probably have enough painted Bretonnians.

Do I have enough of the special equipment for a siege? Not sure. I got some as payment for my one and only commission, but I'll have to dig it up and see what I've got. We'll discuss the various accoutrements in a later post.

Here's the Dwarf list:

So let's take a look at the points value as a basis of converting. I could just straight replace, figure for figure with Bretonnians, but let's take a look anyway.

Dwarf 10th Level Hero 88, Shield 1, Heavy Armor 3, Crossbow 3 = 95 points

Halfling 10th Level Hero 39, Short Bow 1 = 40 points

5 Imperial Dwarves 14 points each incl. Heavy Armor and Shield = 70 points

8 Dwarf Warriors 10 points each incl Light Armor = 80 points

8 Dwarf Crossbows 11 points each incl the Crossbow but -2 each for no Light Armor = 88 points

Total 373 points

Now let's take a look at how Bretonnians might compare points wise.

Human 15th Level Hero 80, Shield 1, Heavy Armor 3, Crossbow 3 = 87 points

Halfling 10th Level Hero 39, Short Bow 1 = 40 points

7 Foot Knights 9 incl Heavy Armor, Shield 1 = 70 points

10 Retainers 5, Light Armor 2, Spear 1 = 80 points

10 Retainers 5, Crossbow 3, Light Armor 2 = 100 points

Total  377 points

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Terrain Tuesday 2 - Finished Barn and build log

Hi All,

Well in the first installment I showed you some river sections and the Wargames Terrain book. I then promptly finished building this barn from a White Dwarf article.

I had started building this back sometime around 1990 and had carried it around with me between 4 states and several house/ apartment moves. I'm not sure where my White Dwarf issues are but I found a copy of the Barn article here. According to DJK's Fantasy World, the barn was in Issue 140. He also lists other projects, but seems to be missing the cottage and Inn and stables issues.

Anyway on to the build.

So here we go. A project started in the early 90's. Why I stopped here and never finished it I can't really be certain.

Printed copy of the original article. I wanted to refresh my memory on the construction of the roof and see what colors were used to paint it. On thing that became immediately obvious was that the print out of the template was smaller than my actual building. I vaguely remember something about enlarging the templates from the Cottage article, but I could find no evidence for that in this article.

So I measured the actual model and brought out my era bag of scrap terrain materials. In addition to carting around the models, I had also carted around a garbage bag filled with foam core, construction paper, mat board and balsa wood.

I briefly equivocated about making the interior playable, but decided this building had been left unbuilt for too long and had not been put together for interior play.

Again from memory I seemed to recall using wood glue to put it together. This was a more recent purchase. The set time was not fast enough and I couldn't figure out a way to weigh down the roof bits so they would stick correctly.

Hot glue gun to the rescue. It was a little tricky, and I did eventually have to carve out some overage with an exacto knife.

I found, before I glued it down, that my lean to roof was a tad too large. So I excised 5mm.

Roof substructure on!

My cellphone decided not to rotate this picture, but I cut out a chunk of card and made 1cm wide lines on it. I then cut the strips with a snap blade box cutter and left a couple of 2cm wide strips for the roof crown. The article gives different widths. I forget what they are, but I didn't like them.

I then started hand cutting shingles with said box cutter. You can use the strips with notches cut in them to represent tiles or you can cut individual tiles. They did the latter in the article and I had done it previously on the cottage.

I quickly used up my first batch of tiles. By the way, gluing them on is a great project for sitting and watching tv with the family. You know, so they don't think you're trying to avoid them.

We're not going to run out of tiles this time.

Breaking out the paper cutter for full production mode. My cuts aren't quite as accurate, but it goes way faster.

Et viola! Remember to leave a couple of double wide strips. I got over zealous and only left myself one.

I also tried my tin snips to cut the individual tiles. Works a treat. Much faster and I didn't have any problem with tearing like I did on occasion with the box cutter.

Always remember the old adage, "measure twice, cut once." My barn door was a hair too small.

Roof on, door still too small.

My collection of aged balsa. I save everything.

Fixed Barn door with planks etched in and cross planks. I just used a sculpting tool I had handy to gouge some lines in the balsa sheet. I should also add that I used Aileen's Tacky glue to put the doors on. It lives up to it's name and just sticks things in place better from the get go. I did have to use a toothpick to clean up some overage though.

The lean to door. I should have used card or thinner balsa for the cross bracing. Oh well. You can also see the ground work I added. On to paint.

Black base coat. I brushed it on and had some trouble working the paint into all the nooks and crannies.

Paints used for the body of the barn. The original article said to dry brush with Bestial Brown, Elf Grey, and Skull White. I don't think I have any of those colors left so I had to improvise. I used Nutmeg for Bestial Brown, Rain Grey for Elf Grey (which was later changed to Codex Grey? I couldn't seem to find an example on the internet.) And Drizzle Grey for Skull White. I tend to use a very light grey in place of white.

For the roof you were supposed to do a dry brush of Moody Blue followed by an Enchanted Blue highlight. I did successive dry brushes of Midnight, Navy Blue and Blue Heaven

For the ground work my normal Earth Brown, Territorial Beige, Desert Sand combo.

I then added flock and static grass after varnishing the whole thing. Done.

I hope this inspires you to pull out an old abandoned project or maybe try your hand at one of these classic designs.

Happy building and painting!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 227 - Knights and a barn.

Hi All,

I was having a conversation the other day about finding more sets/ pieces of the original foam Mighty Fortress and the idea of painting what you have before buying more of the same came up. There was also a side discussion about buying versus building and what materials make the best terrain. Those are sides to the main idea here.

I broke out some unfinished models that I had started 1990ish before I got bogged down in college and drifted away from the hobby.

First up though, lets look at the figures for this week.

Not as far along as I'd like but I got the knights cleaned and assembled. I also primed two of the cannon crew and the two laborers. The gunner needs a little bit of putty to fix a nasty mold line in his helmet. As I told you previously, he seemed to have a mismatched mold half or something. There was a significant mold line and a difference of about a millimeter in height on some parts.

I also brought out some Foundry Rogue Trader models and even some plastic Blood Bowl Orcs (not pictured).

But then I got a tad distracted by terrain.

The barn from a White Dwarf Article. I've carted it around in a box between four states for the last 28 years or so.

I finally started putting a roof on it this week. I did start to equivocate about making playable interiors but then decided I had been putting things off for too long. So I'm gittin er dun!

I'll be posting a build log at some point.

Happy painting.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Terrain Tuesday 1 - My old terrain

Hi All,

I've been meaning to start a terrain segment almost since I started this blog. So today is finally that day.

Remember the White Dwarf article on making rivers? Here it is in the Wargames Terrain book I found awhile back.

Here are a couple of the straight sections I started back in 1990.

My mail order Mighty Fortress. I can't for the life of me remember how much I paid for it. You can buy individual sections for stupid amounts on eBay right now.

My only two finished buildings, I've shown them before. The roofs are off and the thatch was a failed experiment.

The Inn.


Blacksmith and stable.

I can't remember why I didn't finish these. It was probably because I moved out West and started college and my unintentional 20+ year hiatus from the hobby began.

I want to knock these out, but I'm seriously considering trying to open them up and make the interiors playable. I really liked Airborne's playable buildings and it's something I've always wanted to do.

We'll see what comes about.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 226 - Knights, Ordonnance and random stuff

Hi All,

Still can't seem to find the time or energy to post to the blog as much as I'd like. I meant to schedule this post for Saturday, but didn't have time. I was at a track meet for about 12.5 hours yesterday because our team had the concession stand.

On to the table.

Cleaning up the Bretonnian artillery crew and basing them. There was a lot of flash and the gunner appeared to have the mold halves mismatched as there was a millimeter height difference on one side of the mold line in some places. You can also see some of the plastic knights horses that I had a dust up about on facebook. More on that later.

Pulled out some Foundry Ex-Citadel Sci-Fi figures to spice up the paint queue. Finally sawed the nubbin off the back of the space suit head guy so I could put a Dragon Forge backpack on him.

The two Reaper figures and the two C02 Wizards that stare at me accusingly.

I also started cutting bits off the sprue for the Pegasus Chemical Plant and put some Spackle on some old cardboard river sections I started back in 1990.

Beware, Rant below:

So, facebook. As you know I'm doing this army challenge where we are painting up 200 points worth of troops according to either 3rd edition or 4th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle. It has been a real challenge for me as I normally paint at a glacial pace and get very nit picky about things that people may never even see.

One of my plastic horses is horribly miscast. I'm not sure I can fix it to a level I would be comfortable with. So I took a picture of a good copy and asked on the Oldhammer in the New World facebook group if anyone had one they could spare.

Apparently my picture of the good one caused some confusion, as people seemed to think that the water droplets from cleaning were the miscast I was speaking of. I then tried to show a side by side comparison of two of the same model, one good and the miscast one that had been cut off the sprue. Problem solved, right?

For some reason a guy, who I did not know and had never seen a single comment or post from before, seemed to be questioning my hobby. Whats wrong with the model? Why can't I just sand, file, putty it? Isn't this just all part of the hobby? To me it came across as trolling.

So I fired off a response that was snarky, to be fair, but that I tried to not be super confrontational. I asked him who he was "in the hobby" and why he came across as so condescending. When he first commented I didn't recognize his name so I looked him up. 6 months in the group and two pictures in his profile, nothing whatsoever to do with the hobby.

Apparently "in the hobby" was a trigger for him because he wrote a paragraph tirade in response, showed a picture of his floor to ceiling collection and then blocked me. According to him his responses had been that he was offering to show me how to sculpt the missing parts of the caparison or look through his massive collection to find a replacement for me. Nothing he said in his original posts gave me that impression, but I can't see it now to verify.

I sat on his response for a little, as I didn't want to inflame things more and tried to think of a way to be conciliatory, we seem to have misunderstood each other etc, but by that time he had me blocked. I did fire off a response just to tell my side of it that may also have come off as a little snobby because I referenced people whose names everybody knows as an example of who I'd take criticism from.

The point is, I'm not opposed to people teaching me things in the hobby. I know my skill set is limited and I could stand to improve in all areas. I also understand that I could have just asked if anybody had a spare horse, the reasons why I needed it were superfluous and only seemed to confuse several people. What I will not tolerate though is somebody I do not know and never heard of being a prick. Perhaps he didn't mean it, perhaps he thought he was being helpful. It came off as mild trolling.

So there you have it.

Happy painting.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 225 - Ever closer on those Bretonnians

Hi All,

  I would love to post more, but seem to only be able to post once a week. Here's what's going on on the painting desk.

Still the retainers and wizards.

I finally got all the base colors on the Baron.

Decided to free hand some stars and a crescent moon on Holbon to make him more wizardy.

Mazda need some highlights and his mouth painted, but he's pretty close to done too. I'm just slogging through these today as I want to finish them up so I can post them to the challenges by Monday.

Also a hearty welcome to Scott Templeman. I saw you a few weeks ago, but forgot to welcome you in the last post. As always, if you have a hobby blog I can link to, let me know.

Happy painting.


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